For Business

We offer affordable space to meet, work, collaborate and more.  Price per day is $20and provides access to all amenities and services, unlimited time each day. Whether you work for an hour or 8 hours, you only pay $20.  You can cut your rates by purchasing our monthly membership for $75 per month and have unlimited access anytime during normal business hours. 

For Students

We are working to provide an affordable, safe options for students to have computers and internet to participate in virtual learning.  Your student under 13 must be accompanied by a parent (parent will not be charged extra). Students over 13 may use the space without parental supervision, but must be aware this is a work environment, not for play.  Price for students is $10 per day (50% of business fees) or $60 per month.  Your student will have unlimited use of computers, printers and internet as needed for school. Please send headphones or they can purchase some at the space.

We provide equipment and privacy in a space sanitized between rentals. We will disinfect surfaces between each rental, run a HEPA air filtration system while in use and sanitize each night using OZONE generation. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

You can also message us at the bottom of your screen to reach us immediately.

Included in Rental:

High-speed Internet
Notary Services

Meetings, closings, training, classes, workshops, study groups - the possibilities are endless!

We will mail you a membership card. Until then, you'll be in our computer and will check in at the desk upon arrival.  Thank you.


By Appointment Only

400 North Center Street

Suite 274 / 115

Westminster, MD 21157

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